14th World Congress on Pharmacology and Toxicology


Dear Colleagues,


Greetings from Pharmacology Congress 2019!!


We feel immensely glad to announce the 14th World Congress on Pharmacology and Toxicology scheduled to be held during September 11-12, 2019 at Holiday Inn Atrium, Singapore.

The goal of this International Conference Pharmacology Congress 2019 is to coordinate efforts, bridge gaps and comprehensively examine strategies that stop the development of new innovations in Pharmacology Fields.


Pharmacology | Toxicology | Clinical Pharmacology & Receptor Therapy | Psychopharmacology & Neuropharmacology | Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics | Cardiovascular Pharmacology | Pharmacogenetics & Pharmacogenomics | Drug Discovery & Drug Screening | Environmental Toxicology & Human Toxicology | Food & Chemical Toxicology | Genotoxicity | Nursing Pharmacology | Ethnopharmacology


This conference is organized around the theme?Accelerations and Decelerations in Drug Discovery, which covers a wide range of critically important sessions from basic research to latest innovations in the field of Pharmacology & ;

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We request you to submit your Abstract in your area of expertise for your speech at the conference. You can submit your abstract by visiting the below mentioned URL or by replying to this mail with the attachment.

Please kindly confirm your presence by replying to this email.


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Andrea John
Pharmacology Congress 2019?
47 Church field Road, London, W3 6AY, UK?

Building:Holiday Inn Atrium
Address:Holiday Inn Atrium Singapore, Outram Road, 317
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